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In an effort to dramatically expand our on-line repository of useful briefs at, CASD is sponsoring a Fall Brief Bank Drive, requesting that members contribute as many quality briefs to our Brief Bank as possible.  Providing useful information for our website Brief Bank assures that, no matter the cause or issue, our members will Never Stand Alone. 

But just in case that's not enough, your contributions may also be rewarded with valuable prizes, such as a CASD Sustaining Membership for 2005.  So dust off those old briefs sitting on your hard drive or in your files and contribute early and often, as the Fall Brief Bank Drive begins September 1, 2004 and ends on November 30, 2004!  See below for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Type of Briefs Should be Contributed?

Any briefing or related documents, including complaints, formal motions (e.g., demurrer and summary judgment), discovery and discovery motions (e.g., special interrogatories, requests for production, requests for admissions, motions to compel or for protective orders), voir dire and witness examinations, trial motions (e.g., motions in limine, motions for directed verdict or for judgment), specially-tailored jury instructions, post-trial motions (e.g., motions for JNOV and new trial), and appellate briefs.  In short, CASD is looking for anything you can contribute which will be useful to other members who are likely to face similar issues in their cases.

How Do I Contribute?

Submissions can be contributed in either electronic format (preferred) by e-mailing as an attachment to, or by sending a hard copy of submissions to the CASD offices at 3633 Camino del Rio South, Ste. 100, San Diego, CA 92108.  A Fall Brief Bank Drive submission form should accompany each submission.  This form takes only a minute to fill out, but gives CASD vital information to ensure that all submissions are properly classified in our website database.  You can obtain a pdf copy of this submission form by clicking here , or, upon request, one will be faxed to you from the CASD offices.

What Do I get for Contributing?

All contributing members will not only receive the gratitude and praise of the entire CASD membership, but will also be eligible to receive one of the following valuable prizes:

  • 2005 CASD Sustaining Membership;
  • TrialSmith Pro Level Subscription valued at $495 (two subscriptions to be awarded); or
  • One pair of tickets to the January 2005 CASD Annual Awards & Installation Dinner.

 The winners will be determined at the conclusion of the Fall Brief Bank Drive by a random lottery drawing, providing every contributor with a chance to win.  However, the more submissions you contribute, the more credits you receive and thus, the better your chances are of winning.  So increase those odds by contributing as much as possible!

   How Are Credits Calculated?

For each submission, members will receive one credit toward the lottery drawing as follows:  (a) for the submission of one substantive legal brief on pleading, discovery, trial, post-trial and appellate issues; (b) for the submission of three discovery documents (e.g., special interrogatories, requests for production, requests for admissions, expert designations and objections); (c) for the submission of three motions in limine; (d) for the submission of three miscellaneous trial-related documents (e.g., proposed voir dire, witness examinations).  Please note that CASD will not confirm receipt of submissions, but will respond to the contributing member only if there are questions about a submission.  Also, if someone other than a member is transmitting a submission (such as office staff), the submitting member's name should be identified for proper credit.

What's the Fine Print?

Not much; only this:  CASD reserves the right to independently review all submissions and to determine, in its sole discretion, their inclusion in the Brief Bank Drive.  Additionally, submitting members (not CASD) are solely responsible for the content of submissions, including their accuracy and client privacy and other confidentiality issues, if any.  Electronic submissions are deemed submitted on the date and time transmitted via e-mail to  All submissions made by regular mail are deemed submitted on the date they are post-marked.

What If I Have Additional Questions?

Simply ask by e-mailing the CASD offices at (no submissions to this e-mail address, please), or by contacting CASD by telephone at (619) 696-1166.