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California, State & Local Government Information

Below you'll find just a few of the many California, State & Local Government Law Sites available on line. If you have any others you would like us to review and possibly place on this list, email them to



General State Information

U.S. High Courts
State and Federal

Cornell's links to court materials on the Net, state by state.

Law By Country
U.S. States

Emory's California reference tool for law on the Web.

Know Your Rights!

Links to State Constitutions and more.


California Judicial Branch

Judicial Council of California
California Courts

Extensive links to all opinions of the California judiciary, from the California Supreme Court to all of the appellate districts. Also features links to every courthouse in the state, an extensive list of court calendars, and legal news effecting California practitioners. All in all, a very thorough site for California judiciary information and opinions.

San Diego Superior Court

Calendars for any Independent Calendar departments, current judge assignments, court forms and Local Rules.

California Executive Branch

California Home Page

A fluffy yet useful state home page with great links to all branches of government in the Golden State, including the Governor's office and other executive officers.

California Secretary of State

Discover information about a company's articles of incorporation, tax filing status, and registered agents for service of process.

Office of the Attorney General
California Department of Justice

An extensive page detailing the activities of the A.G.'s Office, including press releases of topical cases and issues, major case filings and reports and surveys on crime, substance abuse, firearms and other criminal statistics.

California Legislative Branch

California Codes & Statutes

A page for searching California primary materials which is graphical and user-friendly. Also allows a key word search of all California Codes. Great source for primary law.

Official California Legislative Information 

This site, produced by the Office of Legislative Counsel, has the full texts of all pending legislation available for searching and downloading. Also included a calendar of all legislative sessions, updated daily. Great links to all manner of legislative publications also.

Legislative Analyst's Office 

The Legislative Analyst's Office is a nonpartisan office which provides fiscal and policy analysis to the California Legislature. This fully searchable site features analysis of budget bills pending before the Legislature, as well as other topical legislative and sometimes controversial issues. An excellent source of way to tap into the research your representatives may be relying upon when they vote.

California Law Revision Commission

On-line information on all manner of legislation proposed by the Commission, from revisions to the Code of Civil Procedure to trial court unification. The full text of all Commission bills is available here and searchable, as well as the agenda and minutes of all Commission meetings. Great source for legislative history research.

California Administrative Agencies and Law

California Government Internet Resources

The mother of all listings for government agencies in the Golden State, from Cal-Trans and the Alcohol Board of Control to the Board of Auto Repair and the California Building Standards Commission.

City of San Diego Municipal Code

Most of our local Municipal Code is here for your perusal and searches. Good for reference with local legal issues.

California Department of Consumer Affairs

A great resource for researching products issues and professional licensing, this site contains an extensive database of consumer-related information ready for use, and also allows similar searching of the entire Internet with a link to the Excite search engine.