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Consumer Attorneys of San Diego Foundation

Mission Statement

The charitable objectives of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego Foundation are:

(a)      To provide financial assistance to accident and crime victims who are injured in incidents occurring in San Diego County or the State of California; provided however, that no lawyer referrals or other direct or indirect financial gain for any trial lawyer shall be provided through such assistance program;

(b)     To coordinate with and assist other victim organizations and seek to supplement their programs;

(c)      To provide education, instruction, assistance and training to members of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego and other attorneys regarding protecting the rights of consumers, accident and crime victims;

(d)     To educate and communicate with the public and media regarding the role, responsibilities, duties and privileges of the trial bar in the United States legal system;

(e)      Provide financial assistance to other charitable organizations operating in San Diego County which are exempt under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which engage in charitable activities that support the charitable objectives of this Corporation, including without limitation, activities that help provide for a safer and more stable community, reduce crime and inter-personal violence, and prevent accidents and personal injuries;

(f)       Provide financial assistance to individuals residing in San Diego County for higher education scholarships awarded for essay contests and other means; and

(g)  To engage in other activities which are related to the foregoing.