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David S. Casey Jr.,  was elected President of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America in July 2003.  He is one of the leading consumer rights advocates in the United States.  He was CASD's President, President of Consumer Attorneys of California and President of the Western Trial Lawyers Association.  Dave Casey's tireless efforts on behalf of consumers inspired CASD to establish the annual David S. Casey, Jr., Consumer Advocate Award to honor those individuals who have truly worked to obtain justice for consumers through new laws, improving access of justice or improving the legal system for the consumer. 




Bush Assaults Legal Rights Of American Families
In State Of The Union Address

Statement of David S. Casey, Jr.
President of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America

"President Bush tonight blamed America's economic problems on the lawyers who represent consumers and workers who make our economy run. He said it is in America's economic interest to take away the legal rights of American families.

"It won't create jobs or help our economy to penalize those who suffer permanent, life-altering injuries as a result of medical malpractice, families defrauded by wrongdoing corporations, and those poisoned by asbestos companies who-with their insurers-knew and covered up the lethal dangers of asbestos for decades.

"The sad fact is that those who want to reward corporate abuse at the expense of the legal rights our Founders believed essential to our democracy don't trust the American people.  They don't trust the men and women---our friends, neighbors, and co-workers---who serve on juries and listen to all the facts of a specific case.  They trust politicians and corporate executives, not citizen juries.  Victims of medical malpractice, consumer scams, and toxic pollution deserve better.

 "Limiting the compensation a jury can offer a child paralyzed by a negligent doctor or a parent abused in a nursing home, restricting legitimate class action lawsuits, and bailing out asbestos companies---these are not 'reforms.'  They are payoffs to the insurance, tobacco, drug, chemical, and other special interests that have spent billions of dollars to avoid being held accountable for their actions."

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