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San Diego County has both general libraries and Public Law Libraries available for your use in researching legal questions.  Please consult the list below and call the library for more information on location and hours.



 San Diego Area Libraries

  619/236-5800 or 236-5801 San Diego Central Library
858-573-5007 Mission Valley Library, Fenton Marketplace
619/588-3718 El Cajon County Library
619/469-2151 La Mesa County Library
760/940-4360 Vista County Library
San Diego City Library website:
San Diego County Library website:
These public libraries are a valuable resource for a variety of consumer issues.



 San Diego County Law Libraries


619/531-3900 Main County Law Library
619/441-4451 East County Law Library
760/940-4386 North County Law Library
619/691-4929 South Bay County Law Library
The County has four branches of public law libraries available for your use.  Each library has reference staff available to help you research legal questions.