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Media Connect

CASD welcomes contacts from the media and has a wealth of information available to you on our website OR by calling our contacts listed below.  Under the "Consumer Resources" and Media" Sections of this website, you will find CASD Position Statements, Consumer Resources and Links and Articles and other information which will be valuable in providing background on the various topics listed in the column on the left.

Topic Areas
If a particular area of interest is not listed, please contact one of the Communications Co-Chair or The CASD Executive Director for more information.

What is a Trial Lawyer?

Asbestos Litigation | Auto Accidents | Aviation | Bad Faith/ Insurance Issues | Class Actions/ Mass Tort Actions | Construction Defect | Consumer Law /Lemon Law | Dental Malpractice | Employment Law | Environmental Law | Hospital Negligence | Insurance Issues or Bad Faith | Legal Malpractice | Medical Negligence | MICRA | Nursing Home Negligence | Personal Injury or Wrongful Death | Premises Liability | Products Liability | Tort Reform Issues

Contacts by Topic

Biographical info and photos are available for most of the panel members listed below.  Please click on the name for information available.

Asbestos Litigation

Auto Accidents


Bad Faith (see Insurance Issues below)

Class Actions/ Mass Tort Actions

Construction Defect

Consumer Law / Lemon Law

Dental Malpractice

Employment Law

Environmental Law

Hospital Negligence

 Insurance Issues or Bad Faith

Legal Malpractice

Medical Negligence


Nursing Home Negligence

Personal Injury or Wrongful Death

Premises Liability

Products Liability

Tort Reform Issues

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