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Accusations Against Doctors Posted Online

The Medical Board of CA has started posting accusations and disciplinary actions against doctors on their website.  The website is expected to have nearly 15k documents online within a year, which will have information on thousands of licensed doctors in CA.  Physicians believe the information is one-sided because doctors cannot explain the reasoning behind some of their actions.



Accusations Against Doctors Posted Online

In summary, San Diego Union Tribune's David Hasemyer reported on 11/19/04 that a Medical Board of California Web site has started posting accusations and other disciplinary actions on the Internet.  It's hoped that within the year 15,000 documents covering license revocations and letters of reprimand involving California licensed doctors will be online. 

Doctors' records can be checked at the Medical Board of California Website:  From the home page, a link called "public document lookup" takes users to a search page for records available online.  The site is currently under construction.  Currently not all records are available.

A second search can be conducted to see whether a doctor has older disciplinary records not yet available online.  That search begins from the home page link called "find your doctor."

If the doctor has been disciplined, there will be a summary of the action, but complete records must be obtained (for a few dollars) from the Board's Sacramento office.

Executive Director, Dave Thornton, said the goal is to help people search for a doctor.

The California Medical Association is upset and has urged the Board to post a disclaimer stating that some of the information hasn't been substantiated.  The Association feels that the online records don't give the whole story.

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