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As the country’s leading and fastest growing plaintiff-based structured settlement provider, Millennium Settlement Consulting recognizes that, whatever your client’s personal settlement needs require, every successful outcome begins with a comprehensive plan. With Millennium at your side, you can plan more, control more, and expect more...for life!
Products and Services Available
at No Cost to You or Your Clients
Our variety of products and services make Millennium an invaluable resource throughout the entire litigation process and allow us to become an essential part of your legal team of experts.
New Corporate Office in San Diego:
Our brand new, state-of-the-art office -- including conference rooms with video conferencing capabilities -- is available to all of our attorney clients for meetings and mediations at no cost.
Plaintiff-Based Consultants:
Unlike other structured settlement consultants, we work for the plaintiff and their counsel. We do not represent or work with defendants or their insurance companies.
Exclusive Millennium 5 Settlement Designs:
Millennium 5 Consulting is unique in the industry, designed to meet the varying needs of each client through an innovative settlement planning approach that brings results. Our five-step comprehensive planning perspective ensures our clients receive the most complete settlement design possible:
1. Needs Assessment
2. Litigation Support Services
3. Settlement Plan Design
4. Plan Implementation
5. Plan Monitoring for Long-term Success
Proprietary Attorney Fee Structuring Options:
When implemented properly, plaintiff counsel has the ability to defer any portion of their fee. Structured attorney’s fees allow for periodic income payments and tax payments only when income is received. Spreading fees over several years avoids a higher tax bracket and allows the money saved in taxes to be invested at little or no risk with no money management fees. Our proprietary and patent-pending Fee Structure Plus product features the benefits of tax deferral, immediate liquidity and flexibility while providing you with more control over the disposition and use of your fees.
Millennium Angel Foundation:
The Millennium Angel Foundation was established in 2009 as a way to better serve injured victims beyond what we do everyday. The purpose of the foundation is to raise money for a foundation fund which will then be allocated to injured victims who are not fortunate enough to support themselves. If your clients need support beyond their settlement, they can apply for a grant online at www.MillenniumAngelFoundation.org.


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• “Needs Based” Personal Injury Settlement Plans
• Employment & other Non-Physical Injury Settlement Plans
• Innovative Product & Planning Capabilities
• Attorney Fee Structure
• Trust Products
• Preservation of Public Benefits
• Trial & Mediation Attendance
• Lien Resolution
• Family Law Solutions
• Medicare Set-Aside Solutions










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