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Local Courts Column Archives


2004 -     Stephen V. Love, author

January 2004  

Court Looks to Future Conditions

February 2004 Contract Signed for New Case Management System
May 2004 Electronic Payment Feature Added to Construction Defect Cases
October 2004 Legislature Approves Long-Term Funding for Courts

December 2004

How Attorneys Assist Superior Court                                                                                                


2003 -     Stephen V. Love, author

January 2003

New Scheduling System For Jurors

February 2003 New Feature Added For Electronic Filers
March 2003 New Judicial Assignments
April 2003 Changes For Limited Account Stated Cases

August 2003

Presiding Judge Names A Voting Member Of Judicial Council
October 2003

New Fee Structure In Place

November 2003

New Presiding Judge Elected by Superior Court Judges

December 2003

New APJ Elected; New Personnel Class Implemented


2002 -    Stephen Thunberg, author

January 2002

Pilot E-Filing Project Requires Changes To Court And Attorney Procedures

February 2002 New Judicial Assignments In San Diego Superior Court
April 2002 Mediation Pilot Project Conducting Two Satisfaction Surveys
June 2002

Innovations Set For Family Court

November 2002

Court Escapes Service Cutbacks


2001 -    Stephen Thunberg, author

January 2001

State Unification Study Mirros San Diego Experience

February 2001 New Judicial Assignments In San Diego Courts
March 2001 Update On Alternate Dispute Resolution
April 2001 Long-Range Court Technology Plans 
May 2001

Recognition Spurs Us On

June 2001

Construction Defect Cases To E-File On July 1

August 2001

Task Force To Draw Up Recommendations For Self-Represented Litigants
October 2001

Progress Conference Coming Up On First E-File And Serve Project

November 2001 Task Force Studies Solutions To Assist Proper Litigants
December 2001

New Judicial Leaders Elected For Two-Year Terms



2000 -    Stephen Thunberg, author

March 2000

Court To Survey Public On Court Use And Access

April 2000 Mediation Program Charts New Course 
May 2000

Court Solutions To Embrace Southern California Region

June 2000

Case Assignments, Mediator Standards Enter New Phase

August 2000

New Fees And New Coordination Case Assignments
October 2000

New Case Management System Changes Face Of Court Operations:
A Paperless Court On The Way

November 2000 More News On Court Mediation Pilot Project