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 2021 - Chris Walton, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2020 President

Jan/Feb 2021                   Good Bye 2020, Hello 2021

 2020 - Amy Martel, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2020 President

January 2020                   Intentional Acts of Kindness & Su Barry
February 2020                  Intentional Acts of Kindness & Jessica Pride
March 2020                      Intentional Acts of Kindness & Alysson Snow  
April 2020                        Intentional Acts of Kindness & Derek Wilson
May 2020                         Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.
June/July 2020                 RESOLVE Law San Diego
August/September 2020    The Sky is Not the Limit: Meet Lori Mendez
October 2020                    Resilience and the Path to the Bench 
November 2020                 Srinivas ("Vas") Hanumadass
December 2020                 Julia Yoo

2019 - Maria Kelly, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2019 President

January 2019     Lawyers Getting Lattes: David S. Casey, Jr.
February 2019   Lawyers Getting Lattes: Theresa Bowen Hatch, Esq.
March 2019       Lawyers Getting Lattes: Stephen Estey
April 2019         Lawyers Getting Lattes: Justice Judith McConnell
May 2019          Lawyers Getting Lattes: Dave Fox
June/July 2019  
Lawyers Getting Lattes: Janice F. Mulligan
Aug/Sept 2019  
Lawyers Getting Lattes: John H. Gomez
October 2019     Lawyers Getting Lattes: Adam B. Levine
November 2019  Lawyers Getting Lattes: Jennifer Martinez & Michelle Schill
December 2019  Lawyers Getting Lattes: Jon R. Williams



2018-       Dana Grimes, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2018 President

January 2018       The Opioid Crisis: Big Pharma, Cartels, and the DEA
February 2018    San Francisco Pier Shooting and Murder Prosecutions in California
March 2018           Stock Fraud and Boiler Rooms in the Internet Age 
April 2018              People v. Washington, An Important Confrontation Case 
May 2018               2018 Firearms Policy and Caselaw
June/July 2018      Genetic Genealogy in Cold Cases
Aug/Sept 2018       U.S. v. Hernandez: Going to Trial and Losing Too Much
October 2018          Federal Political Corruption Cases After McDonnell
November 2018      Felony Murder


  2017-       Jim Iagmin, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2017 President

January 2017        Good Sailors
February 201      Trial Lawyers as Environmental Stewards
March 2017           Trial Lawyers as Defenders of Workers' Rights 
April 2017             Judical Independence 
May 2017              Immigration Attorneys
June/July 2017       Criminal Defense 
Aug/Sept 2017       California State Bar
October 2017         Trial by Jury 
November 2017      Forced Arbitration
December 2017      Researching Gun Deaths

2016-       Brett Schreiber, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2016 President

January 2016        A Rose by any other Name Would Smell as Sweet
February 2016       Driverless Cars....The Road Ahead 
March 2016           When Honesty Really is the Best Policy 
April 2016             The Circus is Coming to Town
May 2016              The Injustice of Denying Compensation to the Innocent - Part I of II
June/July 2016       The Injustice of Denying Compensation to the Innocent - Part II of II
Aug/Sept 2016       The Big Move 
October 2016         Do. Or do not. There is no try. 
November 2016      Patients First, Privilege Second 
December 2016      Paying the Rent 

2015-       Timothy Blood, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2015 President

January 2015          Singing the California Blues 
February 2015        Of Storytelling, Advocacy & Image 
March 2015            What Keeps You up at Night?
April 2015              From the Ground Up 
May 2015               Practicing Law in Poetic Prose 
June/July 2015       On A Mission    
Aug/Sept 2015       The CASD Foundation - It's a Sure Bet!
October 2015         Doing Our Job Well
November 2015      Our Civil Jury System and Those Oily Democrats
December 2015      Choosing Our Destiny 


2014-       Raul Cadena, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2014 President


January 2014          Seeking Justice for All
February 2014        A Noble Profession 
March 2014            Rationing Justice 
April 2014              It's About Fairness
May 2014               Rewarding Hard Work 
June/July 2014        Protecting Patients 
Aug/Sept 2014        The Red Boudreau Trial Lawyer's Dinner 
October 2014          Leveling the Playing Field 
November 2014       Changing How We Do Things 
December 2014       It Was A Good Fight 


2013-       Rebecca Lack, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2013 President


January 2013          My Road to Becoming an Attorney 
February 2013        What if Love Were the Basis for All our Acts?
March 2013            The Benefits of Disappointment 
April 2013              The Many Awards of CASD 
May 2013               ... AND JUSTICE DAY FOR ALL 
June/July 2013        If Not for Lawyers 
Aug/Sept 2013        My Passion 
October 2013          Humor in the Law 
November 2013       Evidence 101
December 2013       With Deepest Gratitude 


2012-       John Gomez, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2012 President


January 2012          Becoming Apostles of Justice 
February 2012        Why We Do What We Do
March 2012            Taking on the Impossible Case 
April 2012              Looking In The Mirror And Not Blinking 
May 2012               Pitching In
June/July 2012        Living With Losing 
Aug/Sept 2012        Our Hero
October 2012          Mentors 
November 2012       Thank You
December 2012       Till We Meet Again 


2011-       Joel R. Bryant, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2011 President


January 2011          Make It Happen
February 2011        Liberty and Justice for All
March 2011            Make No Mistake About It - What Happens in Sacramento Does Not Stay in Sacramento
April 2011              Tort "Reform" Is Un-American
May 2011               CASD 2011 - Ensuring You Never Stand Alone
June/July 2011        It's a Wonderful life
Aug/Sept 2011        MICRA - An Unjust and Unconstitutional Law Founded on Myths and Fallacies
October 2011          Joel Bryant is Passionate About Community Involvement
November 2011       California Elders Need Us Now More Than Ever
December 2011       President's 2011 Recap and Thank You


2010-       Scott D. Levine, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2010 President


January 2010         The Ticket & The Journey
February 2010       Life's Gold Ticket
March 2010           Resolutions and Goals
April 2010             Get Organized and Get More Done
May 2010              The Battle - Why Do We Do This
June/July 2010      Depositions - The Joys of Asking People Questions
Aug/Sept 2010      The Business of Practicing Law
October 2010        Where Do We Go From Here?
November 2010     Choosing to Take Care of Yourself
December 2010     Don't Be Afraid to Pull the Trigger!


2009 -      Wayne Alan Hughes, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2009 President


January 2009         48038
February 2009       CASD Owner's Manual
March 2009           Our New Court System
April 2009             Slogans
May 2009              What is an attorney?
June/July 2009      Trial Bar News: A Favorite Member Benefit
Aug/Sept 2009      The Benefit of Losses
October 2009        A Sizzling Fall Line-Up
November 2009     A Conversation with our President - Wayne Alan Hughes
December 2009     President's Thank You


2008 -      Kenneth M. Sigelman, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2008 President


January 2008 Let's Get Busy!
February 2008 A Visit with Our President, Ken Sigelman
March 2008 Reflections on the Past 25 Years:  The Really Good and The Really Bad
April 2008 Let's Put the "Civil" Back in Civil Litigation
May 2008 Law Month - It's All About Justice for ALL
June/July 2008 Chamber of Horrors - Let's Get the Message Out
Aug/Sept 2008 CASD's Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame
October 2008 Federal Preemption - The Latest Assault on Consumer Rights
November 2008 Trial Bar News Completes 31st Year
December 2008 Thanks for Everything


2007 -      Gayle M. Blatt, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2007 President


January 2007   

What's Love Got to do With it?

February 2007 

We are Professional Relationships Which Make Us Stronger

March 2007

CASD Shines Through Its Committees

April 2007

The Fragility of Being

May 2007

A True Community Event - Come Celebrate With Us!

June/July 2007

There is No Finish Line

Aug/Sept 2007

Heroes Among Us

October 2007

Never Stand Alone

November 2007

The Pursuit of Happiness

December 2007

A World of Thanks



2006 -      Richard A. Huver, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2006 President


January 2006   

Time for a Little Quid Pro Quo

February 2006 

You are Never Alone

March 2006

Saving the Third Branch of Government

April 2006

Memories of My First Time

May 2006

Silence is Not Always Golden

June/July 2006

CASD Salutes Vincent J. Bartolotta, Jr.

Aug/Sept 2006

Politics - Not Just for the Rich and Famous

October 2006

Calling All Leaders

November 2006

Civil Litigation - an Oxymoron?

December 2006

My Final Thoughts -- Finally




2005 -      Robert J. Francavilla, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2005 President


January 2005  

 Don't Curb Your Enthusiam!

February 2005

Trial Lawyers Make Us All Proud

March 2005  

CASD Members Really "Never Stand Alone"

April 2005  

The Threat is Real

May 2005  

Helping CASD Members is Time Well Spent

June / July 2005  

"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"

Aug. / Sept. 2005

The Unsung Heroes Of Our Profession

November 2005

New Members . . . New Energy . . . New Ideas

December 2005



2004 -      R. Christian Hulburt, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2004 President


January 2004

 Diary of a Trial Lawyer

February 2004

 We Are Called

March 2004

 Who Is a Consumer Attorney?

April 2004

 I'm Sorry, We're Closed Today

May 2004

The Four Agreements

June/July 2004


August 2004

The Politics of Law

October 2004

Protect the Vote

November 2004

DAVID S. CASEY, JR.: Civility. . . Integrity. . . Professionalism

December 2004

"If You Want Peace, Work for Justice"

2003 -     L. Tracee Lorens, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2003 President

January 2003 

 2003 -- Year of the Member

February 2003 

 Resolutions for 2003

March 2003 

 CASD's Cornucopia of Member Benefits

April 2003

 The Newest in the Member Benefits Lineup

May 2003 

 What You Can Do to Improve the Public Image

June 2003 

 Kudos and Thanks

August 2003 

 Say Goodbye to TBN . . . and Hello

October 2003 

 The Passing of a Giant

November 2003  

 Giving Thanks

December 2003 

 A Fond Farewell


2002 -    Benjamin C. Bunn, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2002 President

January 2002  

Trial Lawyers Start Largest Pro Bono Effort Ever!

February 2002  

Trial Lawyers Define Courage

March 2002  

Talking To Jurors About The Value Of Life

April 2002  

CASD: Strength In Numbers And Support For Our Members

May 2002  

Past-Presidents' Reception: Learning From Our Founders

June 2002  

"We Must Use The Civil Justice System To Fight For Our Rights!"

August 2002  

A Letter To The Colossus Computer

October 2002  

Trial Lawyers Save People

November 2002  

My Wishes For The New Year

December 2002  

A Great Team Of Leaders


2001 -     William Turley, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2001 President


March 2001  

A Consumer Rights Dream

May 2001

The Bush-Cheney Assault On Consumer Rights Is Coming - The Fix Is In

June 2001  

Judging The Judges


2000 -    Robert J. Trentacosta, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego 2000 President


January 2000  

Justice For All

February 2000  

Vote Yes On Proposition 30!

March 2000  

Welcome To Our 900 Member Law Firm!

April 2000  

United We Stand

May 2000  

A Tribute To The Hon. H. Lee Sarokin  

June 2000  

The Bond

August 2000  

Beware! Vote Wisely!

October 2000  

The Fall Lineup!

November 2000  

CASD List Serve: Information, Empowerment & Opportunity

December 2000  

The Last Full Measure Of Devotion