Private and Commercial Law Sites

Below you'll find just a few of the many Private and Commercial Law Sites available on line. If you have any others you would like us to review and possibly place on this list, email them to



Meta-Search Sites and Portals


One stop shopping for links to legal research sites, case law and codes for both federal and state sources. Also contains links to law schools, law firms, international law sites and a great site-wide search engine, the Law Crawler. A comprehensive legal Web site that should be a bookmark for anyone serious about legal research on the Internet.


A newer addition to the legal Web site business, this legal links page is quite comprehensive, featuring links to everything from substantive law to legal chat rooms and other sources of general reference. Worth a bookmark.

The Internet Lawyer

News issues, legal research links, lawyer home pages, law and technology news plus much more can be found here.

Internet Tools for Lawyers

This site is designed to help attorneys use the Internet in the practice of law. It contains sections on legal research, Web site design, downloading listservs for attorneys, reviews of law-related Internet products and continuing education programs.

The Information Law Web

This site provides a bounty of information on legal-technology issues, including articles on your legal rights in cyberspace. A great resource for emerging Internet law.

Hieros Gamos

A comprehensive law site, claiming 12,000 original pages of content and 9,000 links to other legal sites.

Internet Legal Resource Guide

This site is a "comprehensive resource of the information available on the Internet concerning law and the legal profession, with an emphasis on the United States of America."

Jeff Flax's Law Page

An excellent selection of links to legal and medical sites.  

Private Investigation Sites

Yahoo People Search

Find the address and phone number of anyone in the United States; just enter a name and voila! Locate people who otherwise were not listed in traditional directories.


Possibly the most practical site on the Web for lawyers. Conduct litigation history searches, d/b/a searches, and find registered agents for service of process in seconds, among many other options. Nominal charges apply, but a real time saver and very powerful.

The Inc. Spot

The United States Corporation Company's site, providing public records filing and retrieval for all corporate entities. Good place for corporate searches, but some charges may apply.