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Trial Lawyers Protecting You

Consumer Attorneys: Who We Are and What We Do

Consumer Attorneys (often known as trial lawyers) ensure access to the civil justice system for the powerless in America - working families, individual workers, patients, users of products and consumers who often lack the resources to take their grievances to court.  Consumer attorneys, for the most part, work on a contingency fee.  This means the attorney does not receive any fees for his or her work until there is a successful outcome of the lawsuit.  This enables those who are harmed by the actions of another to hire an attorney to get them their day in court without having to pay an hourly fee.  Without consumer attorneys, many societal problems would remain unchecked.  As the cases below reveal, the work of consumer attorneys has had a great societal impact in many different areas, protecting you, the consumer.   Click here for a brief description.



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Personal Stories




Tragedy Highlights Danger of Legal "Reforms"

Little Steven Olsen's Story

Kathy and Scott Olsens' California dream turned into an American nightmare the day Steven, their 2 year old son, fell during a family outing and got a twig lodged in his cheek.   Click here to read about this tragedy.

Woman Fights Insurance Company to Get Help
for Shortchanged Cancer Patients

Kay Bergonzi, a breast cancer survivor and single mother, agreed to be the representative plaintiff in a class action against Central States Health & Life Company of Omaha (CSO) on behalf of all the cancer patients it had shortchanged, although she would have gotten more money from an individual lawsuit.  Click here to read about how Kay's fight helped many cancer patients get payment for their treatments.

Trial Lawyers' Contributions to 9/11 Victims

On September 21, 2001, the day both Houses of Congress passed legislation creating the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, Leo V. Boyle, then president of ATLA, wrote Congress with the promise to provide "free legal services to any family wishing to pursue justice through the fund established by this unprecedented, humanitarian legislation."   Click here to read about those efforts.

  Product Liability Laws Make America Safer

America's product liability laws are a powerful warning to even the most audacious wrongdoers that they cannot market and sell products that injure or kill consumers and expect to get away with it.  Click here for a few examples of the safety changes prompted by our liability laws and punitive damages.

The Fight Against Defective Firearms

A young California man named Brandon Maxfield continues the fight to get a defective firearm off the streets. Brandon was accidentally shot in the face when he was just seven years old, by a defectively designed Bryco pistol which discharged while being unloaded. As a result, Brandon is paralyzed below the neck for life.   Click here to read the Brandon's story.