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January 2011 Lea-Ann Tratten How the West Was Won: The 2010 Political Wrap-Up
February 2011 Lea-Ann Tratten And Now for Something Really Different:  The Alien World of Open Primaries and Redistricting
March 2011 Ian Fusselman Judicial Admissions:  Anything You Say May Be Used Against You
April 2011 Keith A. Liker Unjustified Objections fo Interrogatories Merit Sanctions
May 2011 Jen-Claude Lapuyade Does an Unsatisfied Self-insured Retention Negate an Insurer's Duty to Defend?
June/July 2011 Kerry Hoxie 52nd Annual Awards and Installation Dinner
Aug/Sept 2011 Joel Bryant CASD's Trial Masters Committee Program Begins
October 2011 Lea-Ann Tratten Not So Strange Bedfellows
November 2011   CASD Announces Formation of Women's Caucus
December 2011   CASD Members Section
January 2010 Kerry Hoxie Holiday Cheer for California Insurance Consumers:  CASD Salutes John Rice and Colleagues
February 2010 Kerry Hoxie A True Community Event - the Red Boudreau Trial Lawyers Dinner
March 2010 Dana Grimes Join CASD and CAOC for Lobby Day May 4, 2010, The State Capitol, Sacramento
April 2010 L. Tracee Lorens  Governor Schwarzenegger's Plan to Balance California's Budget on the Back of the Civil Justice System
May 2010 Lea-Ann Tratten The Times, They are A-Changin'
June/July 2010 Kerry Hoxie CASD's Past Presidents' Dinner - June 2010
Aug/Sept 2010 Michael D. McGlinn & Ryan M. McGlinn Child Protective Services
October 2010 Dana Grimes Proposition 19 and the Changing Tide of Drug Laws
November 2010 John K. Landay California's Green Chemistry Initiative
December 2010  Nancy Drabble Coming Soon To A Courthouse Near You: The New Expedited Trial Program for Small Cases
January 2009 L. Tracee Lorens Why Should I Renew My CASD Membership When I Can Barely Afford to Pay My Rent
February 2009 George de la Flor Members Helping Others: CASD Member Leads Rotary Club BBQ for Military
March 2009 Dana Grimes Make Change Happen and Have Fun Doing it! Join CASD for Lobby Day on April 28th in Sacramento
April 2009 Tim Blood Capwiz Delivers Snap, Crackle, and Pop to Legislative Process Participation
May 2009   Good Time Dano, Big Sister Maria and Foster Parents
June/July 2009 Kerry Hoxie Dennis Schoville Selected Cal-ABOTA Trial Lawyer of the Year
Aug/Sept 2009 George de la Flor Members Helping Others: Trial Lawyers Care
October 2009 Hector De La Torre Insurance Industry Continues Unscrupulous Rescission Practice
November 2009 Kerry Hoxie CASD Salutes David S. Casey, Jr. For ABA and Consumer Watchdog Awards
December 2009 Ted W. Lieu The Mortgage Crisis Did Not Have to Happen
January 2008 Tim Blood & Lea-Ann Tratten 2007 - Victories, Thwarted Tort Reform Efforts, and MICRA, MICRA, MICRA!
February 2008 Nicole D. Tee Demanding Individual Accountability for Prosecutorial Misconduct
March 2008 Karin H. Wick Members Helping Others:  Halloween Read-In, October Fires and More
April 2008 Karin H. Wick Varshock Family Update and Holiday Magic
May 2008 George de la Flor & Rebecca Lack Mowbray The Red Boudreau Dinner and Broderick Award
June/July 2008 Thor O. Emblem The Mystery Behind Becoming a Delegate to the Democratic Netional Convention
Aug/Sept 2008 Carol S. Battaglia Pooled Special Needs Trusts for Clients Receiving Public Benefits
October 2008 Karin H. Wick CASD's Second Blood Drive a Success
November 2008 George de la Flor Gomez and Friends Help at Ronald McDonald House
January 2007 Karin Wick                  Members Helping Others:  Students, Peace & Darfur
February 2007 Karin Wick  Members Helping Others:  Over the Holidays
March 2007 Sarah Brite Evans  New Rules for E-Discovery in Federal Courts and Changes on the Horizon in California
April 2007 Kerry Hoxie  Join CASD for Lobby Day on May 1st in Sacramento
May 2007 Karin Wick Annual Fundraiser for San Diego's Homeless - the Red Boudreau Dinner
June/July 2007 Kerry Hoxie  CASD Salutes San Diego's New Judge Wohlfeil
Aug/Sept 2007 Kenneth M. Sigelman  Health Care Bills Pending in Sacramento
October 2007 Jeremy Robinson  New Pleading Standard in Federal Courts
November 2007 L. Tracee Lorens The Class Action Moritorium Initiative
December 2007 Kenneth M. Sigelman End of 2007 Legislative Session Report