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January 2011 Christopher Wright Only in California: Name Brand Drug Manufacturer Owes Duty to Generic Drug User
February 2011 Karen Frostrom  Government Destruction of Private Property
March 2011 Jeremy Robinson Watch Where You Park That Thing, Mister - A Duty Not to Obstruct Line of Sight
April 2011 Donald M. de Camara Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Resolving Liens Asserted Aginst Personal Injury Cases
May 2011 Lea-Ann Tratten AB 1063:  True Underinsured Motorist Coverage
June/July 2011 Thomas M. Diachenko Why Affirmative Defenses Matter
Aug/Sept 2011 Ian Fusselman Subsequent Remedial Measures
October 2011 Dana Grimes Your Car is Not Your Castle
November 2011 Nicole Roysdon Exceeding 12-Week Proteced Family Leave Period May Foirfeit Employment Position
December 2011 Thomas Diachenko Pre-Litigation Procedures To Obtain Medical & Employment Records
January 2010 Karen Frostrom Title by Adverse Possession in California
February 2010 John Rice Hanif Got You Down? Appellate District Provides Some Relief
March 2010 Andrew P.P. Dunk III Nuisance and Trespass:  Burdens of Proof, Expert Problems and the Statute of Limitations
April 2010 John K. Landay Class Certifications Denied in Vioxx Cases
May 2010 Andrew P.. Dunk, III Don't Let the SOL Leave You and Your Client SOL
June/July 2010 Richard A. Huver Insurer's Failure to Retain Evidence Actionable
Aug/Sept 2010 Rocky K. Copley Getting More for Your Policy Limits Demands
October 2010 Stephen Tucci Major Changes in Minors' Cases
November 2010 Ian Fusselman New Rule on Evidentiary Objections at Summary Judgment
December 2010 Jeremy Robinson Don't Buy that Bridge in Brooklyn - Real Estate Tort Law
January 2009 Ian Fusselman De-designation of Experts and Confidentiality
February 2009 Jeremy Robinson Proving Causation in Food Poisoning Cases
March 2009 Richard Huver Post-claims Underwriting vs. An Insurer's Right to Rescind a Health Policy
April 2009 Ryan S. Kirby Court Overturns $5.2 Million Punitive Award in Taser Gun Verdict
May 2009 Andrew P.P. Dunk III Deposition Hell and What to Do About it
June/July 2009 Donald M. de Camara Ahlborn Relief at Last - Bolanos v. Superior Court
Aug/Sept 2009 Dana Grimes The Accidental Extortionist
October 2009 Donald M. de Camara Handling Medical Care Recovery Act Claims for Reimbursement
November 2009 Ian Fusselman Excluding Defense Exams:  The Need for a Certified Interpreter
December 2009 Raul Cadena Employer Liability for Single Failure to Make a Reasonable Accomodation
January 2008 Jacob M. Slania Real Estate Brokers Owe More Than Statutory Duties to Their Clients
February 2008 Donald M. De Camara Obtaining Formal Waivers and Reductions of Liens for Medical Care
March 2008 Dylan O. Malagrino Federal Preemption Stops Common Law Products Liability Claims for Pre-market Approved Medical Devices
April 2008 Raul Cadena Employer May Be Liable for Failing to Investigate Disability Needs
May 2008 Jacob Slania Victory for Labor:  Union Members May Protest at the Mall
June/July 2008 Jeff Temple Production of Work Product Documents
Aug/Sept 2008 Richard Huver Will Your Settlement Be Paid by the Insurance Company?
October 2008 Monty A. McIntyre Proposed California Digital Discovery Rules
November 2008 Jeremy Robinson Reexamination of Duties and Liabilities of Homeowners
December 2008 Donald M. de Camara Sereboff Revisited - Using the Title Argument to Minimize Liability for Medical Provider Liens
January 2007 James R. Lance When Witnesses Change Deposition Testimony, Seize the Opportunity
February 2007 Theresa M. Brehl Federal Court Certifies Class Against Real Estate Brokers
March 2007 Raul Cadena Employers Not Liable For Employee's Cyberthreats
April 2007 Gordon R. Levinson Appropriate Objections in a Deposition
May 2007 Richard A. Huver How Do You Trigger the Insurance Company's Duty to Defend?
June/July 2007 Theresa M. Brehl Realtor Cannot Rely on Purchase Agreement to Avoid Liability for Intentional Misrepresentation
Aug/Sept 2007 Nicole D. Tee United States Supreme Court Upholds Rights for Car Passengers
October 2007 Jon R. Williams Playing Russian Roulette with Amended Judgments
November 2007 Jeremy Robinson What Happened to Unfair Competition Law?
December 2007 Harris I. Steinberg Insurance Attorney's Liability for Fraud
January 2006 Jeff Geraci Rifkind for Employment Lawyers
February 2006 Christopher Hagen Protect Against Expert Exclusion
March 2006 Dick A. Semerdjian Settlement Agreements and Discovery
April 2006 Kirsten Zittlau Privacy Rights of Employees in Harassment or Discrimination Suits
May 2006 Theresa M. Brehl Landlord Who Wins an Unlawful Detainer Judgment May Still Be Stuck with Tenant
June/July 2006 Gordon R. Levinson When Opposing a Summary Judgment Motion, Don't Forget to Object to your Opponent's Evidence
Aug/ Sept 2006 Donald M. de Camara Supreme Court Approves Enforcement of Reimbursement Provisions in ERISA Plans
October 2006 Giles S. Townsend Intentional Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage - a Way Forward at Last?
November 2006 Jon R. Williams The Tale of How One Corporate Giant Prompted  the Courts to Invalidate Its Arbitration Provisions
December 2006 Raul Cadena Employer Misclassifies Workers as Independent Contractors
January 2005 Kevin M. Kirby Exculpatory Provisions in Leases Not an Absolute Defense
February 2005 Dick A. Semerdjian Does a Party Have an Obligation to Supplement Answers to Interrogatories?
March 2005 Christopher H. Hagen Settlements with Insurers are Enforceable Without the Insured's Consent
April 2005 Jon R. Williams Construing Notices of Appeal:  A Liberalizing Opinion by the California Supreme Court
May 2005 Richard A. Huver The Short Life of the Use It and Lose It Homeowners Insurance Regulation
June / July 2005 Donald M. de Camara Supreme Court Invalidates Hospital Liens Not Supported by an Underlying Debt - Parnell v. Adventist Health System
Aug. / Sept. 2005 Nelson P. Brav Pitchess Requirements for "Good Cause" are Refined
November 2005 Theresa M. Brehl Proponents of Ballot Referendum Defeating City Council Action Entitled to Attorneys' Fees
December 2005 Kerry Hoxie CASD Thanks the Trial Bar News Column Editors


January 2004 Nelson P. Brav Protecting Against Self Incrimination
February 2004 Christopher H. Hagen Arbitration Clauses Which Limit Plaintiffs' Remedies Are Unenforceable
March 2004 Richard A. Huver Use of Licensed Attorney as In-house Claims Adjuster May Waive Privileges
April 2004 Steven T. Coopersmith Dolan-king II: Fourth District Adds Another Chapter to Dispute Between Homeowner and Community Association
May 2004 Harvey R. Levine Punitive Damages: Debunking Some Post-Campbell Myths
June/July 2004 James R. Lance Take Time to Reflect on the Importance of What You Do
August 2004 Jon R. Williams Challenging Boilerplate Discovery Objections:  Procedures and Remedies Refined
October 2004 Monty A. McIntyre Statements Made to a Court-Appointed Expert May Be Used for Impeachment
November 2004 Vincent D. Slavens "Heart It Through the Grapevine":  Fraud Action may be Based on Third Party Information
December 2004 Theresa M. Brehl Homeowner's Association Required to Make Reasonble Accommodation for Disabled Person


January 2003   Scott Levine

Investigation From One Case May Be Used In A Subsequent Case

February 2003   Richard A. Huver

Be Sure To Verify The Defendant's Insurance Limits

March 2003   Theresa M. Brehl

Naval Training Center Property Not Subject To 1972 Voter Approved Height Limits

April 2003   Dick A. Semerdjian Utilizing Injunctions For Preservation Of Electronic Evidence
May 2003 Elizabeth Schulman

California Supreme Court Legerdemain  

June 2003   Jon R. Williams

Square Peg, Round Hole: Two Recent Decisions Contrast Trial Court And Appellate Court Procedure

August 2003   Nelson P. Brav Supreme Court Rules On Race In Jury Selection
October 2003 Matthew P. Nugent Disclosure Statement Condition Precedent to Enforcement Of Contract
November 2003 Victoria E. Fuller Human Tissue Product: Tissue Bank Held Immune From Strict Liability in the Ninth Circuit
December 2003 Richard A. Huver

How to Preserve a Bad Faith Claim for a Defending  Insurer's Unreasonable Refusal to Settle



January 2002 James R. Lance

Federal Preemption: Application Of The Supreme Court's Decision In Geier v. Honda

February 2002   Dick A. Semerdjian

Litigation Privelege Bars Abuse of Process Claims

March 2002 Scott Levine

Legal Causation Is Defined As Substantial Factor

April 2002 Jon R. Williams Qualifying For Disqualification: A Tale Of Two Cases
May 2002 Richard A. Huver

One Man's Trash Is...."Tangible Property"?

June 2002   Nelson P. Brav

Taping Phone Conversations Without Consent

August 2002 Nelson P. Brav Expungement & Sealing: Can The Records Still Be Used?
October 2002 Elizabeth Schulman Mixed Motive Cases Do Not Defeat Employees' Claims Of Wrongful Termination

November 2002

Steven T. Coopersmith U.S. Supreme Court Permits Restriction Of Developing Land Without Compensating Owners
December 2002 Robert Cartwright California Legislative End-Of-Session Report



January 2001 Mary L. Waltari

Discovering The Litigation Practice Of The Professional Expert Witness

February 2001   Jon R. Williams

Confidentiality Provisions In Section 998 Offers: The Secret Is Out!

March 2001 Richard A. Huver

Beware Of The "Genuine Issue" Rule -- It Can Spell Disaster For Your Bad Faith Case

April 2001 Nelson P. Brav

Vehicle Photos and Videotape In Hit-And-Run Case: Are They Protected By The Attorney-Client Privilege?

May 2001 Chris Hagen

Fourth District Determines Arbitration Clause To Be Unconscionable

June 2001   Elizabeth Schulman

The Ninth Circuit Sets Limits In Sexual Harassment Cases

August 2001   Dick A. Semerdjian

New Standard Set For Burden On Motion For Summary Judgment

October 2001 Monty A. McIntyre

California's Long-Arm Statute Reaches Across The Internet

November 2001

Theresa M. Brehl

When Do A Private Property Owner's Restrictions On Speech Violate California's Free Speech Clause?

December 2001 Scott Levine

Assumption of Risk For Water Skiers, Snowboarders, And Their Passengers



January 2000 Elizabeth Schulman

New Employment Laws And Discord Re: Disabilities Under the FEHA

February 2000   Richard A. Huver

California's New Third-Party Liability Law: Leveling The Playing Field--Again

March 2000   Chris Hagen

Primary Assumption Of Risk Doctrine Limited To Exclude Negligence In Providing Sporting Equipment

April 2000 Nelson P. Brav

Persons Cannot Be Excluded From Juries Solely Because Of Their Sexual Orientation - People v Garcia

May 2000 Jon R. Williams

Deadlines, Deadlines: What You Don't De Novo Might Hurt You 

June 2000   Theresa M. Brehl

Landowner Immune From Liability From Injuries To Trespasser On Property For Recreational Purposes

August 2000   James R. Lance

U.S. Supreme Court Rules "No Air Bag" Lawsuits Are Preempted By Federal Law

October 2000 Monty A. McIntyre

Alternative Methods Of Diagnosis And Treatment Under BAJI 6.03

November 2000

Jon R. Williams

Personal Jurisdiction and the Internet: A New Bright-Line Test Emerges

December 2000 Elizabeth Schulman 

California Supreme Court Sounds Death Knell For Contract And Age Discrimination Claims