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The November Fund

The November Fund has stated that a major purpose is to influence the 2004 presidential election.  On September 22, 2004 the  Federal Election Commission received a complaint about the November Fund's operations.  The complaint filed by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) charges that the Fund is not complying with the contribution limits and reporting requirements of other political committees.  Read the full text of their press statement by clicking here and for more information on the CREW visit their website at    The Association of Trial Lawyers Statement about the November Fund's backers and motives appears below.


"It is hypocritical of the Chamber of Commerce - which believes it is perfectly all right for corporations to be responsible for the vast majority of civil litigation - to act as a front group for the insurance, tobacco, drug, chemical and other industries in a $10 million campaign to take away the legal rights of American families.

Clearly these industries and the Chamber think it should be permissible to sell flammable children's pajamas, exploding Firestone tires, vehicles that roll over and kill, and dangerous drugs that harm women and children.  They think it should be permissible for nursing homes to abuse our parents and negligent doctors to repeatedly injure patients through malpractice.  They think it should be permissible for Enron and Worldcom to rip off their workers and shareholders.
Fundamentally this campaign is about protecting corporate wrongdoers from the people they hurt.  It's about substituting the judgment of politicians who know none of the facts of a specific case for that of 12 men and women serving on a jury who hear all of the evidence and make a reasonable decision based on the facts."

Todd Smith, Esq. is the President of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA).  This statement was released by ATLAon September 22, 2004.









The November Fund

Todd Smith
President, Association of Trial Lawyer of America

The November Fund, organized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is a front group for the pharmaceutical industry, which is leading the campaign to keep America's seniors from getting low cost prescription drugs from Canada, and for other corporate special interests, including the tobacco and insurance industries.

The very same political hatchet men who organized big tobacco's deceptive campaigns to hook America's kids and Richard Nixon's dirty tricks during Watergate are orchestrating this shadow group.

These veterans of conspiracies and cover-ups are fighting for corporate special interests that now want to take away the legal rights of American families.

Their real agenda is to make sure that the drug, tobacco, insurance and chemical industries have more legal rights than the patients, families, and workers they have harmed.    

Whom do you trust to make decisions about your rights: the drug companies, big tobacco, insurance industry lobbyists and political dirty tricksters - or a jury of your peers, your friends, neighbors and coworkers who hear all the facts?