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  The Whole Story


Both traditional media and the Internet are teeming with "sound-bite" messages regarding the role the civil justice system plays in our society.  Much of that information, however, is either incomplete or distorted by special interest groups seeking only to preserve their powerful financial interests, or attempting to advance their particular political agenda.  CASD lifts that curtain of rhetoric here to expose The Whole Story, where the facts speak for themselves, and the societal benefits of civil justice system are fully revealed. 

Don't let anyone tell you what to think about these issues.  Understand The Whole Story and decide for yourself.

Articles & Issues

Through hundreds of years of development, our civil justice system has continuously evolved to protect the rights, safety and health of every American citizen.  This section chronicles the benefits and strengths of that system, while soundly debunking unsupported calls for "reforms" aimed only at limiting valuable consumer rights and protections.  Specific articles are listed below by topic area to assist you in discovering The Whole Story. Click here to view all of the Articles.

Facts & Figures

Get the facts, not the myths.  Graphs, charts and pertinent facts and figures that quickly and concisely reveal The Whole Story can be found here.  Click here to view all of the facts & figures.

 Protecting You

The civil justice system is the last bastion of protection for consumers against an onslaught of corporate excess and government indifference.  Not only is holding these powerful interests accountable for their actions critical to protecting consumers and bringing about meaningful safety advances.  As these stories plainly reveal, sometimes it is the only thing that has ever done so.  Click here to read about individual cases where trial lawyers made a difference for their clients and for you.