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  Trial Lawyers' Contributions to 9/11 Victims



On September 21, 2001, the day both Houses of Congress passed legislation creating the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, Leo V. Boyle, then president of ATLA, wrote Congress with the promise to provide "free legal services to any family wishing to pursue justice through the fund established by this unprecedented, humanitarian legislation."

Three years later, the Fund, under the superb leadership of Special Master Kenneth Feinberg, has concluded its work, to universal approval; Trial Lawyers Care, the program developed by ATLA to provide free legal representation to all 9/11 families, became the largest single pro bono project in the history of American jurisprudence. Over 1,100 lawyers provided representation to over 1,700 victim families-over $200 million in legal services provided absolutely free of charge.

Thousands of Heroes: The Rest of Us Could Only Help commemorates and tells the story of this unprecedented initiative. 

A new organization, Trial Lawyers Care, was created to deliver the promised free legal representation to 9/11 families.  In the end, Trial Lawyers Care became the largest, most successful single pro bono legal representation project in the history of American jurisprudence.   More than 1,000 attorneys heeded the call to help and following is a summary of the service provided.



Number of claimants represented free of
charge by Trial Lawyers Care



 Number of volunteer attorneys


Total of projected awards issued to clients of
Trial Lawyers Care



Amount by which these awards exceed
compensation tables


Average net benefit over compensation tables
to claimants in death cases, including savings
on legal fees


Minimum estimate of value of legal
representation provided free of charge



Republished with permission of the Associationof Trial Lawyers of America. 


Republished with permission of Association of Trial Lawyers of America.