University Law Sites

Below you'll find just a few of the many University Law Sites available on line. If you have any others you would like us to review and possibly place on this list, email them to





Cornell University
Legal Information Institute

One of the best legal sites on the Web.  A wide variety of legal materials are available.

Villanova University
Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy

Great graphical interface and real substance, featuring the Federal Web Locator, the Internet Index to United States Federal Government Web Sites, and the Federal Court Locator, the Home Page for the Federal Judiciary on the the Internet and the State Court Locator, the Home Page for State Judiciaries.  Check out this site, it is great.

Emory University
U.S. Federal Courts Finder

Nice graphical interface for locating federal court decisions on the Net.

Chicago-Kent College of Law 
Illinois Institute of Technology

Links to Substantive Web Sources.  Links to legal resources on the Net.