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Member Benefits & Services

Members of CASD have a variety of benefits and services available to them, some of which are listed below.  For more information, click below, e-mail us at  or call CASD’s office at 619-696-1166.


CASD’s popular magazine, written by a highly qualified editorial board, covers various areas of the law and is designed to meet your informational needs.  Subscription price is $100 per year (10 issues) for non-members.  Please click here for more information on TBN.



These activities offer an excellent opportunity to meet, greet and celebrate the accomplishments of attorney members and others committed to preserving the rights of consumers.  From the Annual Awards Dinner, and the Evening with the Trial Stars that celebrate accomplishments to the Golf Tournament and monthly CASD mixers where fun is on the agenda, CASD has an event with a time, location and price range for you.  Please  click here to check the calendar for upcoming events. 



CASD members can draw on the knowledge and experience of over 900 members by participating in the members-only List Serve.  Use this broadcast e-mail service to ask questions of your colleagues and share important information with fellow members This service allows CASD members to harness the knowledge of a 900 person law firm.  CASD members can participate by e-mailing a request with name, address, phone, fax and e-mail address to



TrialSmith is a comprehensive resource for litigation documents and investigative tools.  Developed exclusively for the plaintiff bar, TrialSmith includes DepoConnectTM - the largest on-line deposition bank in the world - as well as many other tools designed for professional litigators.  With TrialSmith, you have access to a variety of databases, documents and investigative tools including: Over 170,000 depositions, Verdicts and Settlement Reports, Court Documents, and Case Law.  Click here  to search TrialSmith's national litigation bank.


 CASD's daily news service is called "EClips."  EClips is legal news delivered weekdays by e-mail, and is a free service available to CASD members.  You will receive summaries of the latest legal news items from across the country.  Click here to subscribe.

Seminars overing a wide number of topics present practical information and advice on issues and cases related to the practice of law.  Members may attend at a reduced fee.  Some seminars are limited to attorney members only.  In addition, see our “Tuesday Night at the Lab” series for a format with an interactive format and limited seating.   Please click here to check the calendar for upcoming seminars.



CASD voting members can "get the book" on an exclusive list of commonly used experts.  Background information, depositions, trial transcripts, Curriculum vitae and other valuable information has been compiled in one place for fast download.  This invaluable resource is available to voting members free of charge.  Click here to view the Expert Bank.



Free admission at our monthly “brown bag” series held at 3rd Floor, Presiding Dept. of the Superior Court in San Diego.   Members receive one hour of MCLE at no charge; non-members pay just $20 for each hour of MCLE.  In some months  “Free Brainstorming” sessions are held to discuss case situations with our expert panel.  Free of charge, but there is no MCLE for brainstorming sessions.  Please click here to check the calendar for upcoming sessions.



Search here for a sample motion, brief of other document Free to voting members of CASD, these searchable and downloadable documents provide a valuable overview to what has been used by others.  Please click here to see the documents in our bank.


 If you need more educational materials or programs, search for online programs, taped presentations or written materials from past programs.  Please click here to see what is currently available for sale.