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CASD Databanks

CASD Databanks
Description of Services

CASD has teamed up with TrialSmith to provide you access to various document banks including those listed below.  We encourage attorney members to make use of these resources and to assist others by "depositing" materials for others to use.  Should you have problems or questions about the use of the banks, please contact CASD at

Expert Bank

The Expert Bank will develop over time, beginning as a collection of "books on prominent defense experts practicing in San Diego.  More than simply a resource for depositions, the Expert Bank also contains expert designations, trial transcripts, expert-related pleadings, and impeachment information.  As members continue to contribute to this database, it will grow to include numerous experts representing various disciplines.  Downloading of materials from the bank is free for attorney members of CASD.  Click here to enter the Expert Bank.

Brief Bank

The Brief Bank is a compliation of pleadings, discovery and other documents useful to members of CASD and includes documents such as motions, complaints, pleadings, discovery and trial-related documents.  All members are encouraged to contribute to this data bank regularly so as to ensure the contents remain current and relevant.  Downloading of documents in this bank is free for CASD attorney members.  Click here to enter the Brief Bank.  

Deposition Bank

CASD's depositions are deposited with TrialSmith as part of their national bank of depositions.  As a CASD member you are eligible for a free account and access to search the deposition bank.  Unless you have a premium level subscription, you will be charged for downloading of depositions.  You may accrue credits for making deposits to the deposition bank, by donating depositions.  Documents that you submit may be downloaded at any time.  Click here to search the TrialSmith Litigation Bank.


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