Reality Changers Speech Tournament Judge | a CASD Outreach Event


A CASD Community Outreach Event


What if you could change an 8th grader’s life for the better by taking two hours on a Tuesday night to simply watch and listen? On April 13, 2021, between 5:30 and 7:00 p.m., CASD continues its support of the Reality Changers’ student speech night. Reality Changers serves disadvantaged youth who are slipping through the cracks by helping them reimagine and work towards a better future – a future aimed at learning, college, and unlimited potential. During the speech night, the students share their stories of overcoming, courage, and growth. We are asked to simply listen and provide feedback. The evening is intended to shine the community’s attention on kids who too often don’t feel seen – to change their reality. But it also changes ours. It is impossible not to be touched by their stories, and to carry their strength and optimism home with you after the event.

This year, participation is easier than ever because the event will take place over Zoom video conference. We need 10-12 CASD members to participate. 

Reality Changers transforms lives by providing youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with academic support, financial assistance, and leadership training so that they can become first generation college graduates.  

Click below to see inspiring videos of Reality Changers success stories:
Ronald, Alan