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Gordon Churchill attended law school at California Western School of Law, class of 1967. His accomplishments as a trial  lawyer are well known and much admired. In 1975, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego recognized him as the Trial Lawyer of the Year.  Mr. Churchill is celebrated for his success as appellate counsel where he successfully defended favorable verdicts that have had a lasting, beneficial impact on consumers and their lawyers, including

  • Brandt v. Superior Court (attorney fees in bad faith cases);
  • Delos v. Farmers Insurance Exchange (bad faith in uninsured motorist cases); and
  • Chu v. Canadian Indemnity (coverage for developers in construction defect cases.)

Mr. Churchill has actively supported consumer attorney organizations; pertinent experience includes his service as a

  • Member of the Board of Governors of Consumer Attorneys of California
  • Board member and Vice-President of the San Diego County Bar Association;
  • Board members and President (1975) of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego.
  • Member in the American Board of Trial Advocates, now Advocate Emeritus.

Mr. Churchill has much to be proud of, but of all the good things in his life, he is most proud of his three children, Kristen Churchill, an attorney practicing in San Diego, Garrett Churchill, the owner of San Diego's Elite Neon Company, and Emily Churchill, an internist in San Diego.

Gordon, now retired, lives with his wife Dr. Judy Churchill, in the Mission Bay area of San Diego. Both Gordon and Judy have been licensed pilots for over 25 years and take frequent trips in their Cessna. Twice each year they are part of the Mercy Outreach Surgical Team, a 60 member association of pilots, physicians and nurses providing medical care to indigent children in Mexico.