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                 Member Focus December 2006

              SPECIAL THANKS TO Trial Bar News  COLUMN EDITORS



Kerry Hoxie, Editor-in-Chief.  She may be reached by email at




As Trial Bar News concludes its 29th year, we want to extend special thanks to the Column Editors who so faithfully wrote articles on new developments in the law during 2006.  Their tireless dedication helps all of us to better represent our clients.

 We want to especially welcome the five new Column Editors who joined us this year (designated with an asterisk below).

Theresa M. Brehl
Property Law Column

Raul Cadena*
Employment Law Column

Richard A. Huver
Insurance Law Column

James R. Lance
Products Liability Column

Scott D. Levine
Legislative Law Column

Jon R. Williams
Civil Procedure Column

Gordon R. Levinson*
Evidence Law Column

Jeremy K. Robinson*
Tort Law Column

Dick A. Semerdjian
Discovery Law Column

Nicole D. Tee*
Criminal Law Column

Karin H. Wick*
Members Helping Others Column

Kerry Hoxie, Editor-in-Chief