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CASD is an organization of trial lawyers in San Diego County who work to preserve and protect the legal rights of consumers.  Following you will find articles of interest to consumers having to do with the preservation and protection of your legal rights.  Many of the articles provide links to more information on the topic.


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Class Actions

General Insurance Issues

Medical Malpractice

How Insurance Reform Lowered Doctors' Medical Malpractice Rates in California And How Malpractice Caps Failed

By The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights

A 1988 California insurance reform initiative (Proposition 103), and not the state's 1975 malpractice law, is the reason California's doctors' medical malpractice premiums have dropped and stabilized over the last 14 years.  Read more about this report by clicking here.

Medical Board of California Posting Doctors' History Online

The Medical Board of CA has started posting accusations and disciplinary actions against doctors on their website.  The website is expected to have nearly 15k documents online within a year, which will have information on thousands of licensed doctors in CA.  Physicians believe the information is one-sided because doctors cannot explain the reasoning behind some of their actions.  Click here to read more.

Products Liability

Punitive Damages

Tort Reform & the Myths of Lawsuit Abuse

Tort Reform: Taking Away David's Sling

Read what Alex Scheingross had to say about Tort Reform and how it deprives you of justice when injured by another party.  This opinion article appeared in the December 22, 2004 issue of the San Diego Union Tribune.  Click here  for a link to the article.

Lawyer  Contingent Fees Are Essential for Access to Justice

The American Bar Association Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section  created a  special task force in September 2003 to evaluate contingent fees and practices and proposals for their reform.  The task force has found that lawyer contingent fees are an essential component to the preservation of an individual's rights.  Click here to read more.

The November Fund

By Todd Smith
President, Association of Trial Lawyer of America

Know who is funding the November Fund and why they are against seniors getting low-cost presciption drugs from Canada and for other corporate special interests including, tobacco and insurance companies.  Click here to read more.

Justice Under Attack

By Kerry Hoxie, Esq., Trial Bar News Editor-in-Chief

The ongoing curtailing and elimination of civil rights is discussed in the commentary by Kerry Hoxie, Esq.  Click here to read more.