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2010-02/04 What's New in Tort & Trial: 2009 in Review
Product ID: 2010TortTrial
2010-03/11 Successful Mediations from the Mediator's Perspective
Product ID: Mediations.031110
CASD presents a fast-moving panel discussion featuring several known and highly successful mediators who will share their experiences and insights on how to successfully resolve your case through media...
2010-04/14 Medicare Got Ya Down? (MEMBERS ONLY)
Product ID: Medicare4.14
With the population aging, more and more plaintiffs are covered by Medicare. Knowing how to deal with Medicare in your litigation case is now essential, but the rules and procedures keep changing. In O...
2010-05/06 Dorothy Clay Sims LIVE: Exposing Deceptive Defense Doctors (MEMBERS ONLY)
Product ID: Dorothy.050610
2010-06/03 Liens Update (MEMBERS ONLY)
Product ID: Liens.060310
Highlights will include: •ERISA Evolution: If we still have the upper hand in the law, why are Plaintiff's still paying reimbursements? The plans are stepping up litigating the issues and their target...
2010-09/11 Stop Whining & Go to Trial! with Rick Friedman & Don Bauermeister (MEMBERS ONLY)
Product ID: Friedman.091110
Rick Friedman: Author of “Rules of the Road” and “Polarizing the Case”...Hear from one of the Rock Stars of plaintiff litigation on how to put your case together, present it before the jury, and take ...
2010-10/08-09 3rd Annual Class Action Symposium (Co-Hosted by CASD & CAOC)
Product ID: ClassAction.2010
Hard copy comes in a binder. Electronic copy comes on a disc or can be emailed if that is the preference. Approximately 350 pages in length. Includes power points from many of the session, as we...
2010-11/09 Rainmaking: Proven Marketing Strategies to Increase Referrals & Revenue for Small Firms and Solos
Product ID: 2010-11/09 Rainmaking
Highlights Include: How to build a network of over 30 new referral sources in the next 6 months Why “Micromanaging the Client Experience” is a singular way to stand apart from your competitors 7 w...