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2013 - 1/22 Tort & Trial: 2012 in Review


Attorneys can NOT afford to miss this program! Learn about the new 2012 statutes and judicial decisions affecting tort liability, civil procedure and trial practice.

Judicial Decisions and Statutes Affecting Tort Liability:

Chavez v. Glock, Inc. (Is a gun with a light trigger pull and no safety mechanism defective? Does manufacturer have a duty to warn about use of specific gun holster?) Beckwith v. Dahl (Does California law recognize the tort of intentional interference with expected inheritance?) O’Neil v. Crane Co. (Is a manufacturer liable for harm caused by aftermarket asbestos-containing accessory that is used with the product?) Getchell v. Rogers Jewelry (May an employer be charged with notice of a dangerous condition created by one of its employees and which injured another employee?) Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court (Must employers provide a “duty-free” meal break?) C.A. v. William S. Hart Union High School Dist. (May a public school district be held vicariously liable for administrators’ negligent hiring, supervision, and retention of school employee who sexually harasses and abuses student?) State of California v. Continental Ins. Co. (Does an “all-sums-with-stacking” indemnity principle apply to a continuing event that spans multiple policy periods?) Kurwa v. Kislinger (Can a joint-venturer allege that his partner misappropriated assets, despite defective articles of incorporation?)

Judicial Decisions and Statutes Affecting Procedure, Arbitration, and Pretrial and Trial Practice:

Leung v. Verdugo Hills Hospital (Does a non-good faith release of one joint tortfeasor operate to release other joint and severally liable tortfeasors?) Mundy v. Lenc (Does a release of all “causes of action” known and unknown include claim that could have been brought under a different statute?) Quarry v. Doe I (Does the statute of limitations bar claim for sexual abuse that was committed during 1970’s?) Tarle v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. (Does failure to oppose evidentiary objections before summary judgment waive any claim of error?) People v. Duenas (What requirements apply when offering animation and simulations into evidence?) Reyes v. Macy’s, Inc. (Is an order granting a motion to compel arbitration of individual claims and denying motion to dismiss representative claims appealable?)