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2007-02/08 What's New in Tort & Trial-2006 in Review


To successfully practice in 2007, you must know about the new 2006 statutes and judicial decisions that affect tort liability and civil procedure.

These materials will cover:

Judicial Decisions and Statutes Affecting Tort Liability (Duty, Negligence, Intentional Misconduct, Liability for Acts of Others, Premises Liability, Causation, Damages, Government Liability, Product Liability, Wrongful Termination, Medical Malpractice, Attorney Malpractice, Attorney Fees, Insurance Bad Faith/Third Party Excess Liability, Insurance Coverage, Workers’ Compensation, Indemnity, Settlements & Setoffs, Fraud, Defamation, Privacy, Malicious Prosecution & Abuse of Process, Commercial Torts, Statutes of Limitations)

Judicial Decisions and Statutes Affecting Civil Procedure (Jurisdiction, Parties, Venue, Process & Pleadings, Discovery & Privileges, Dismissal for Delay in Prosecution, Summary Judgment, Trial, Judgment, Appeals & Writs, Sanctions, Arbitration, Statutes & Rules of Court)

Cases Pending in the California Supreme Court

Speakers may include: Patrick Becherer, Craig Needham, Daniel Smith, Christine Spagnoli, Jeanine Strong, Ray Mattison, Jay Hieatt, Sharon Arkin, Mark E. Davis, Jeremy Robinson & Thornton Davidson

Originally held: February 8, 2007