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2007-03/19 Hanif Gotcha Down? (MEMBERS ONLY)


These materials are for MEMBERS only.

For too long Defense Counsels and Insurance Carriers have Misstated and Misinterpreted the Law to Limit What is Either Admissible or Recoverable as Special Medical Damages—the Heart of the Personal Injury Damage Case. It’s Time to Reclaim the High Ground and Recover the Full and Reasonable Value/Cost of the Medical Specials.

CASD’s own John Rice presents his seminar materials that you can’t afford to miss. John has invited Lan Lievense, an expert in Hanif matters, to participate and share his expertise.


* Why the Hanif issue is Forcing Cases to Trial

* Why and How to Fight the Hanif issue in Discovery; The Key Evidentiary Issues at Trial

* How Hanif Works with Private Insurance, Medi-Cal and MediCare

* The Role of Experts

* Effective Strategies—From Discovery through Trial

Included in the materials are:

* Briefs! To Fight the Issue in Discovery

* Case Law: Binding Authority, Foreign Authorities, Superior Court Opinions Shutting Down the Defense

Speakers: John Rice and Lan Lievense

Originally held: March 19, 2007