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2007-09/05 The Pursuit of Lawyer Happiness


Lawyers are uniquely positioned to have problems. We are the only profession, outside of professional sports, where in every matter we face a smart, aggressive, well paid and highly motivated opponent whose purpose is to beat us. No one in school or practice teaches us how to deal with the conflict, stress and long hours our work brings us. Our world is also becoming faster and the demands for our time and expertise increase as quickly as chip speed. As a result, increasing numbers of American lawyers are finding themselves out of balance, unsettled and longing for something else. We lawyers not only suffer but our families, clients and the system of justice we serve also suffer. We can fix this.

- Ken Turek

Ken Turek and Ben Bunn addressed and provided strategies for obtaining life balance and for effectively dealing with conflict and fear. Materials include methods to use to your advantage both in and away from the practice and what to look for to avoid problems.

Speakers: Ken Turek, Esq. and Ben Bunn, Esq.

Originally held: September 5, 2007