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2006 - 4/27 How Did They Do That: Mortuary & Wrongful Death Cases


These materials are available to MEMBERS only.

The newest materials in the “How Did They Do That?” series: a series of seminars and materials focusing on the anatomy of a specific case of interest to CASD members.

Mortuary Case - Verdict of $1.6 million in non-economic damages

Wrongful Death Case - Damages awarded against the County & Rossum

These materials provide an in depth look at how a mortuary handled the remains of a woman who was to be cremated and the ashes scattered at sea. The mortuary was raided, and subsequently the Riverside DA’s office thought they had her elbows. DNA proved the elbows were not a match. Hear about the 6 day trial where plaintiffs maintained their mother was dismembered and the body parts sold. There was a directed verdict for negligence and the jury awarded $1.6 million in non-economic damages.

You will learn about the civil case brought by the Devillers’ family in the wrongful death of Greg Devillers by his wife Kirsten Rossum, in a case dubbed the “American Beauty” case by the media. Damages were awarded against the County & Rossum.

Speakers: John Gomez, Esq., Michelle Mitchell, Esq., Maria Palmieri, Esq.

Originally held: April 27, 2006