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Dr. Quaid is founder and CEO of the VUE3 Vision Therapy Network (www.vuetherapy.ca) with locations in Guelph and North York. He also serves at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry (UWSO) & Vision Science as an Adjunct Professor interacting with final year interns and sitting on graduate student committees for UWSO. Dr. Quaid has numerous publications in both optometric and medical journals on topics ranging from the effects of eye teaming issues on reading efficiency to the incidence of eye teaming issues in athletes and the effect of concussions on the visual system. In 2019, Dr. Quaid co-authored a landmark book chapter in a medical textbook on visual dysfunction in concussion in conjunction with the Chief of Johns Hopkins Neuro-Ophthalmology (“Neurosensory disorders in mild traumatic brain injury”). In addition to his training to become an eye doctor in the UK, Dr. Quaid attained his PhD in 2005 (UWSO) and his USA Board Certification in Visual Rehabilitation (i.e. FCOVD, see www.covd.org) in 2011. He has delivered over 550 lectures worldwide to optometrists, physicians and allied healthcare professionals. Dr. Quaid lectures in particular about proper visual assessment “beyond 20/20” in both concussion cases and also in reading based learning difficulties. Dr. Quaid makes it a priority to publish data from his clinics to add to the evidence base for vision therapy and also has a book coming in the Spring / Summer 2019 (“Learning to See = Seeing to Learn”) for parents of children with visual issues interfering with reading skills in addition to having already published a chapter in the new book “A New Hope in Concussion” (Dr. Lawrence Komer MD). He makes a point of making his lectures very visual and uses real patient footage and demos to explain his interventions and research.

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