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John V. Cattie Jr. is one of the nation’s most well-respected MSP legal scholars. Cattie received his BA from the University of North Carolina and his JD/MBA from Villanova University.

Cattie has personally reviewed or overseen the review of over 10,000 distinct fact patterns. Federal and state court opinions such as Smith v. Marine Terminals of Arkansas, Tye v. Upper Valley Medical Center, and Doe v. Company X cite his analysis favorably. In each case, his client’s future medical exposure was minimized or extinguished based on how Cattie analyzed the MSA issue. In the Doe case, that difference amounted to a 90% or almost $900,000 reduction in future medical exposure for his client. The Doe Court stated the following in its opinion: “The Court finds that Mr. Cattie’s analysis is more credible [than his opponent’s] in the liability context.”

Cattie is the Founding Member of Cattie, P.L.L.C. His law firm is dedicated to extinguishing a client’s future medical exposure under the MSP Act. He focuses his law practice on MSA issues, providing legal opinions regarding MSA requirements, a client’s future medical exposure under the MSP Act and proper MSA funding.

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