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Artemis Malekpour of Chapel Hill, NC is a partner in the litigation consulting firm Malekpour & Ball, where she specializes in case strategy, jury selection, jury research, focus groups and decision-making. As a lawyer with a background in psychology and psychiatric research, Artemis holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in mental health issues from UNC’s School of Public Health. Before earning her degree with honors from Duke Law School, Artemis worked in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina Hospitals with children and adolescents coping with psychiatric disorders and legal issues.

Artemis began her path to litigation consulting while still in law school, working as an intern with David Ball and conducting post-trial jury interviews in civil and criminal cases. During her third year at Duke Law, she created an independent study course involving extensive interviews and analysis of jurors who had served on death penalty cases throughout the state of North Carolina. Through this work, Artemis learned the art of developing rapport with “strangers”, connecting with people in ways that encouraged them to comfortably share in conversation and respecting how their varied backgrounds and experiences helped shape their opinions. She also recognized the value of listening to and embracing different and conflicting viewpoints to better identify what’s driving decision-making. Her independent research also taught her the importance and skill of framing stories, as well as more productive and persuasive arguments.

After graduation and passing the North Carolina State Bar Exam in 2004, Artemis joined David full time that fall and is now a partner in Malekpour & Ball. Consulting on a wide range of cases varying in scope, size and subject, Artemis advises plaintiff’s attorneys and criminal defense attorneys across the country on how to deal with their case weaknesses and maximize their strengths. She is particularly well-known for identifying potential landmines, incorporating the knowledge and experience she’s gained from years of watching jury deliberations and talking with actual and potential jurors nationwide. Artemis also places a strong emphasis on case presentation and the development of a compelling damages story.

A member of the NC Advocates for Justice, AAJ and the North Carolina State Bar, Artemis has co-authored a book chapter, “Public and Private Sector Involvement in Managed Mental Health Care,” in Managed Care & Public Health, is featured in Trial Guides’ How to do Your Own Focus Groups, and has contributed a number of articles and chapters in legal publications, including David Ball on Damages 3, David Ball on Criminal Defense and Reptile in the MIST and Beyond. Artemis and David are currently working with neuroscientists on an advanced National Science Foundation research grant at Duke’s Institute of Brain Sciences to advance the frontier of real-world understanding and juror decision-making.

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