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What is Vision Therapy and How Can it Help My Clients?
Published by Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

To give an overview of Neuro-Optometric Visual Rehabilitation and how it can be invaluable in the overall rehabilitation strategy for traumatic brain injury patients overall (especially concussion cases). An overview of how vision is affected in concussion will be provided and also a review of the current peer reviewed medical and optometric literature pertaining to eye teaming disorders post-injury will be reviewed. Often the patient can “still see 20/20” but significant eye teaming issues can be present, causing problems with reading, computer tolerance, dizziness, balance issues, light sensitivity and cognitive / memory issues overall.

Dr. Quaid will also show footage of real life patients and the effect that optometric vision therapy, when done right, can have on not only “proving injury” but also more importantly in significantly improving the quality of life of the patient post-injury. Dr. Quaid has published several papers in high-ranking medical and optometric journals in addition to having co-published an authoritative medical textbook chapter on vision and concussion along with the head of neuro-ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins (Dr. Eric Singman, MD PhD).

Dr. Quaid will provide the rationale for OVT in addition to how to request documentation pertaining to proving injury and how to ask for the right second opinions when getting to IME situations with insurers to assure comparable assessments are done. It is Dr. Quaid’s opinion that any brain injury patient (from mTBI / concussion to more significant brain injuries) deserves a FUNCTIONAL assessment of their vision rather than a low-bar assessment of simply “20/20 and you are fine”. Your clients deserve a thorough assessment of their visual system given that at least 40% of the brain is visual machinery (just put this in context, maybe 8% is for hearing). Dr. Quaid aims to put more tools in the toolbox of the injury lawyer when defending their brain-injured clients by insisting on a proper functional visual assessment.

Dr. Patrick Quaid
Dr. Quaid is founder and CEO of the VUE3 Vision Therapy Network ( with locations in Guelph and North York. He also serves at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry (UWSO) & Vision Science as an Adjunct Professor interacting...More
Michelle Jorge
Michelle Jorge applies a hands-on approach to her practice that delivers results to her clients through dedicated representation and relentless pursuit of the full amount of compensation possible. She has represented injury victims and their families...More
Lauren Chen
Lauren graduated from York University with an honours degree in History. She then went to the University of Western University Faculty of Law, where she graduated with a JD in 2013. Lauren has always had an interest in personal injury law, and...More
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