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Trial Bar News

CASD's renowned monthly legal publication, featuring topics of critical importance to the practicing trial lawyer including Discovery, Civil Procedure, Insurance Law, Employment Law, Tort Law, Products Liability and others. New legal developments (laws and court decisions) as well as practice tips are covered by trial lawyers who have significant experience in these respective areas of law. Click below to see the current issue of Trial Bar News as well as indices of all articles published in the preceding years.


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Trial Bar News Indices 

Indices back through the year 2000 are
available on-line.  Please click here  to
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Trial Bar News Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief Dana M. Grimes
Editor Emeritus Kerry Hoxie  
Column Editors    
Civil Procedure Thomas Diachenko
Criminal Law Benjamin Cheeks
Discovery Law Dick A. Semerdjian
Employment Law Sue Swan
Evidence Law Ian Fusselman
Insurance Law Rocky K. Copley
Legislative Updates Timothy Blood
Products Liability    
Property Law Karen Frostrom
Tort Law Benjamin Coughlan