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Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

Related in purpose - but standing as an independent entity - the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego Foundation (CASD Foundation) provides support to many charities and organizations.  The mission of the Foundation is primarily to protect the rights of consumers, to aid crime and accident victims, to educate the public about the importance of the United States legal system, to offer higher education opportunities through the sponsorship of scholarships, and to support other charitable endeavors consistent with the goals of CASD.  Click here to review the Foundation's Bylaws, detailing its purpose, goals and objectives.  Below you will also find examples of recent activities and organizations supported by the Foundation, all made possible through the generous donations of consumers, our members, other charities, and the public.  To make a tax deductible donation to the CASD Foundation click here.

CASD Foundation High
School Essay Contest

San Diego Volunteer
Lawyer Program

San Diego County Public
Law Library

Veterans Village of      
San Diego Stand Down

CASD Education Programs

The Foundation supports the local community through organizations and activities benefiting the public and local attorneys including:

  • Each year the Foundation runs a high school essay contest awarding scholarship prizes to winning entries.  To download a PDF with an application and information about the latest contest click here.
  • The San Diego Volunteer Lawyers Program (SDVLP) which is a private, non-profit law firm providing pro bono legal assistance to indigent residents of San Diego County.  Service is accomplished through the volunteer efforts of more than 3,000 local attorneys.   Click here for more information on SDVLP
  • The San Diego County Public Law Library whose mission is to make legal information easy to find and affordable for all California citizens.   Click here to link directly to their site.   
  • The Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD) and its annual event “Stand Down.”  VVSD is dedicated to extending assistance to needy and homeless veterans of all wars and eras and their families by providing housing, food, clothing, substance abuse recovery and mental health counseling, job training and job search assistance.  Stand Down is an annual program geared to assisting the homeless veteran population.   Click here for more information on Stand Down.
  • The Foundation assists in bringing outstanding,  nationally recognized speakers to San Diego to educate local attorneys.  Most recently, the Foundation helped CASD bring David Ball and Joshua Karton to San Diego for all day education events.   Click here for CASD’s calendar of events .


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