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CASD Committees
CASD is organized by committees of volunteers who serve to realize our collective goals and to honor our commitments to consumers and to our membership. If you would like to help CASD accomplish these goals, we encourage you to volunteer for one of the permanent committees listed to the left.  Please keep in mind that there are also opportunities to participate on various subcommittees and on individual projects not listed here. You do not need to be a member of a committee to help with CASD activities. If you wish to volunteer, please call CASD at (619) 696-1166 or email us at
Our current committees are:
Committee 2020 Chair(s) Status

Jedd Bogage & Natalie Holm

currently NOT accepting new volunteers

Ben Coughlan & Adam Levine

currently NOT accepting new volunteers
Community Outreach Conor Hulburt & Patrick Calhoon currently accepting new volunteers
Education Brian Findley & Sarah Havens currently NOT accepting new volunteers
Events Ben Coughlan & Pajman Jassim currently NOT accepting new volunteers
Governmental Relations Tim Blood & Sue Swan currently accepting new volunteers
Membership Chris Walton & Ashley Rawlins currently accepting new volunteers
Mentor Andrew Chivinski & David Munoz currently accepting new volunteers
Women's Caucus Carree Nahama & Sue Swan currently NOT accepting new volunteers

Outreach Committee - give back to the San Diego community, associated with the CASD Foundation
Education Committee - help to shape the current educational programs and be involved in future programs
Events Committee - includes dinners, golf tournament, mixers, etc
Governmental Relations Committee - get connected with local legislators
Communications Committee - help CASD reach members about upcoming programs through various methods
Membership Committee - the lifeblood of our organization is membership, help it stay strong, help it grow
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